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New heights in cell tower safety

With the ever-growing demand for better, faster cellphone service, and the race by all major telecommunications companies to expand their networks to meet the demand, Bechtel recognized the likelihood of a shortage of skilled cell tower technicians, which would pose a safety threat to the industry and communities.

To address this issue we:

  • Updated safety absolutes and rules of engagement
  • Developed an apprenticeship program to certify tower technicians in the commonwealth of Virginia
  • Constructed mock towers to provide hands-on training for colleagues and general contractors
  • Provided 13,125 hours of safety and quality training for general contractors and employees


  • 7,836,847 hours without a lost-time incident (2011–2013)
  • 13,902 safety certifications issued to tower technicians
  • 223 trained and certified tower climbers

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