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Addressing global issues

Designing cities to be more efficient and sustainable, moving beyond aid to support Africa’s development, and helping hydropower become a reliable and renewable source of energy are among the global issues for which Bechtel’s expertise and experience provide practical ideas and paths forward.
Together with CSIS, we started a new thought leadership series focused on how the private sector is building capacities and using technological or process innovations to promote sustainable outcomes. CSIS and Bechtel kicked off the series by highlighting the Gabon National Infrastructure Plan, a unique public-private partnership between the government of Gabon and Bechtel. We shared our experience of modernizing the planning and execution capabilities of l’Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux.

Supporting the U.S. Council for International Business (USCIB)

When the USCIB, an association of 300 multinational companies and private-sector organizations, looked to its members for thought leadership to support the United Nations post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals we volunteered to help. Bechtel assisted with outlining a set of recommendations that addresses several global trends impacting the future of infrastructure in the developed and developing world, including resource constraints and climate resilience.


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