Ethics & Compliance

Expectations of suppliers

Letter to Suppliers

Dear <Supplier/Subcontractor>,
As your organization is a valued contributor in the successful completion of our customers’ projects, we would like to highlight the recent publication of Bechtel’s Code of Conduct.  Bechtel and its subsidiaries are committed to conducting business activities in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards. To communicate our expectations, Bechtel describes this commitment in our updated Code of Conduct booklet, which we are providing for your information.  We also provide an electronic version on at:
Bechtel’s Code of Conduct summarizes the standards of conduct that guide our actions as we do business around the world. The code applies to all Bechtel employees, members of Bechtel’s various boards of directors, agents, consultants, contract labor, and others when they are representing or acting for, or on behalf of, Bechtel. We seek out customers, partners, suppliers and subcontractors who share our values and standards of conduct.
The booklet also outlines ways to report concerns that may involve illegal or unethical conduct. We encourage the use of any of these methods in the event you perceive such concerns arise.
If you have any questions on this publication, feel free to contact me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX or at
Manager of Procurement and Contracts
Bechtel Corporation