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Bechtel Reaffirms Commitment to Sustainability

Protecting people and the environment, partnering with communities and society, and promoting local economic development are core elements of our sustainability strategy.

At Bechtel, we strive every day to improve the quality of life for people in the communities where we operate, in the United States and around the world. As a result of our efforts and those of other leading companies, the business community has helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency, conserve water and protect the environment—achievements that not only benefit Americans, but people in all countries.

A new Business Roundtable report, “Create, Grow, Sustain: Celebrating Success,”highlights the remarkable results of the sustainability efforts of 150 companies, including Bechtel, which are driving investment, economic growth and job creationwhile simultaneously improving the communities where we work and live.

Here’s one example of how we are ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come:

"In the United Kingdom, Crossrail Limited projected that constructing Crossrail, a major rail initiative in London and Europe’s largest infrastructure project, would produce 1.7 million tons of carbon emissions. Using sustainable construction practices, such as increasing the recycled content of concrete and focusing on energy management, the Bechtel and Crossrail team is on track to cut those emissions by nearly 12 percent."
Learn more about our efforts here. Read the full Business Roundtable report here.
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