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Ras Al Khair Aluminum Smelter Project

Aluminum smelter is Bechtel's first in Saudi Arabia

Bechtel is extending its long heritage of megaprojects in Saudi Arabia by managing construction of the world’s largest aluminum smelter. The new smelter is the cornerstone of the Ras Al Khair Minerals Industrial City, which will become the country’s aluminum and phosphate center, 90 km north of Al Jubail. The smelter will have a capacity of 740,000 tons of aluminum per year. Bauxite feedstock will be transported via rail from a new mine at Al Ba’itha and refined at Ras Al Khair for smelting.

• Two potlines (360 pots each using AP37 technology)
• Cathode sealing, lining/delining, and maintenance shops
• Alumina silos and transfer system
• Port and material handling/support facilities
• Green anode facility
• Baking furnaces and fume treatment centre
• Baked anode and assembly storage
• Rodding shop and recycling facilities
• Casting facilities